Build a unique brand experience all along your customer journey

Harnessing the power of digital experience and automated design, Styla helps brands to grab the attention of their customers in a way that truly makes a difference.


Design crafted to perfection.

Based on the principles of graphic design and the fundamental power of data, Styla automates content design in accordance to user behavior, thus being 100% focused on delivering the best user experience possible. Styla's design automation technology intelligently adapts to every device in real-time and is proven to boost retention rate, time spent on site, and engagement. And what's more, you don't have to do anything to make it happen!

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“We never thought it could be so easy to set up content. Styla generates a dynamic layout automatically that looks breathtaking on all devices and is seamlessly connected to our shop-system.”

- Tobias Meuser-Schade, Head of eCommerce International, Fissler

Shopping that inspires.

Transforming content into a new sales channel, Styla provides a crucial connection between content platforms and e-commerce stores. With every product being assigned the Add To Cart label, your brand can reduce the steps to checkout, convert with more ease, and keep the inspiration element alive throughout the whole customer journey. With Styla, it takes one click to transform an inspired reader into a brand new customer.

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“With Styla we realized a 245% uplift in sales.”

Michael Stolte, Head of Ecommerce, Engelhorn
  • Aim for the best results.

  • Take your digital experience performance to the next level with Styla. By harnessing the model of inspirational shopping, your brand can improve conversion, boost efficiency, and build long-lasting relationships with the customers.

    • Efficiency

    • Save time on designing and creating content.

    • Customer retention

    • Inspire and encourage visitors to come back for more.

    • Conversion

    • Convert content consumers into happy customers.