The Content Experience Engine

Design a captivating customer journey by combining content and commerce. The Styla Content Hub creates a powerful user experience that is seamless on all channels, across all devices, and is adaptable in real-time.

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  • A place where everything comes together.

  • Create a source of inspiration for your visitors by bringing together images, articles, shoppable product collages, videos, music, and more. Designed instantly by Styla's automation technology, the Hub takes content presentation to a whole new level. And it doesn't stop there.

Featured Posts

Promote up to three posts of your choice in the full-screen header image slider.

Shopping Overlay

Integrate products into your stories and let customers instantly add them to their shopping carts.

Social Media Sharing

All articles can be shared via relevant social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

Product Spreads

Enrich your stories with unique product layouts and recommend your favourite items to the audience.

Seamless Integration

Styla's solution seamlessly integrates with your whole website and will be adapted to your CI guidelines.

Automatic Layout

Content is set up automatically by the Algorithmic Layout. It works in real-time and enhances user experience on every device.

Video Embedding

Embed videos of your choice to engage the readers.

Product Stories

Combine together visuals and products for inspirational, instantly shoppable stories.

    • Content management

    • Write, publish, schedule and edit your stories in one place together with your editorial team. Styla's Backoffice is where you can change the settings, check and update your user profiles, and be in control of your content.

    • E-commerce integration

    • Easily enrich your stories with a direct shopping experience. Embed your products' pictures into your content and let your readers buy from what they see.

    • Detailed analytics

    • Improve your content by understanding what works and what doesn't. Styla Analytics allows you to analyze your content performance, monitor important KPIs and adopt necessary changes.

    • Design newsletters automatically.

    • Inspire your customers through great-looking emails, with just one click. You have the power to excel at email marketing without the painstaking labor of coding or design, as you let Styla automatically transform your stories into ready-to-send newsletters.

      • Design newsletters with one simple click
      • Edit copy if needed
      • Embed in all major newsletter tools
    • Create once, publish everywhere.

    • The On-site Content Grid gives an inspirational feel to your entire site, as you can show different stories on different stages of your customer journey. Select content you want to display based on tags, categories, and products, and let it distribute itself.

      • Automatically styled according to your CI
      • Content updated in real-time
      • Boosted engagement metrics

Technically speaking.

  • Algorithmic Layout

  • Computes the best placement of images and text in real-time to guarantee the best user experience.

  • Machine Learning

  • Makes data-driven decisions on selecting content and displaying it in the optimal way.

  • Add-to-cart

  • Enables a seamless shopping experience, allowing customers to make purchases from your content.

  • Object Detection

  • Detects objects in images and videos to understand what content is made of.

  • Smart Focus

  • Detects focal points of any image and puts them at the center of your customers' attention.

  • Background Removal

  • Automatically removes the background from images to create appealing product collages.