We keep reading about how data-driven decisions are key to business success. A recent Forbes article describes data analytics as the primary enabler to derive truth and meaning from data that drives business growth.

Styla Statistics is a data analysis tool that tracks your content commerce efforts and gathers valuable insights on how your Content Hub is performing.

Here’s what you can do with it:


Get meaningful data in real-time.

How does your content perform? Which products are added to cart? How many pageviews and conversion did you make? What are the average session duration and bounce rates? Monitor your Content Hub performance around the clock and understand your target audience behavior better.


Make data-driven decisions and empower your team.

The process of collecting, extracting and analyzing data used to require full-time experts, which slowed down the process of making business decisions. Styla Statistics allows anyone without a heavy technical background to analyze and gain insights, accelerating the decision-making process.


Access your data directly from your Styla Back Office.

Styla Statistics is embedded in your Styla Back Office. You don’t need to use external applications or software to track your content performance – it’s all in one place in our CMS.


We hope Styla Statistics will help you understand your performance better. For any questions you might have, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Success Management Team.




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