Create newsletters automatically.

Simple and effective communication with your audience is key to driving traffic and building customer retention. With Styla’s Newsletter Creator, it is now incredibly easy to transform your content into ready-to-send newsletters and drive traffic to your website.


Here are some of its perks:

Make the most out of your content.
Newsletter creation requires coming up with a design, cropping images and adjusting the code. With Styla, this process is completely automated. Export content from your Content Hub directly into the Newsletter Creator and create a newsletter in just under 2 minutes.


Customize it – without breaking a sweat.
Search for content directly from the Newsletter Creator, arrange its order, format copy and choose a layout that you like. The content is optimized in a way that it looks great wherever it is displayed.


Distribute with any email marketing platform.
Just copy the generated HTML from the Newsletter Creator, paste it into an email marketing tool like Mailchimp and your newsletter is ready to go.


See the Newsletter Creator in action:


Inspire your customers with great looking newsletters! If you have any questions regarding the Newsletter Creator, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Success Management Team.

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