What is Background Removal?

It’s a smart feature that removes backgrounds from product images automatically.
Background Removal analyses images on a pixel level. By detecting the differences in the brightness levels of individual pixels, it can see where the edges of objects are.


See Background Removal in action:


Here’s why it’s amazing:

It’s automatic.

Background removal works with a single click – which saves you time and enhances the efficiency of the content creation process. 


It makes your products stand out.

Create collages in a way which creates even more stunning compositions – without any Photoshop skills required.


It keeps designers and content creators happy.

Leave the tedious manual work to our design automation technology – so designers and content creators can focus on creativity and innovation. 


Compare the before and after effect of Background Removal:


Here’s how it works:

  1. Add your product images.


2. Click ‘remove background from product’:


3. The background is now removed.


4. Publish and see the result.


Currently, Background Removal works only for white backgrounds from product photography. In the future, Background Removal will be enabled for more complex backgrounds.


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