July 11, 2017

Styla and Spryker announce a strategic partnership to deliver a seamless content commerce integration

Berlin, 11 July, 2017: Styla, the leading content commerce suite, and Spryker, the Berlin-based commerce operating system, today announce a new strategic partnership. The partnership will combine Styla’s expertise in content commerce with Spryker’s proficiency in e-commerce systems to deliver a top-notch integration solution for today’s online retail brands and beyond.

Together, Styla and Spryker are co-innovating around digital commerce models to address the increasing demand for creating smooth customer journeys that brands are facing today. They have united their efforts in building a plugin that allows a seamless connection between the content and commerce worlds of those retailers that use Spryker as their commerce operating system. By using the plugin, retailers won’t be required to provide manual programming skills, as the solution is easily installed within minutes and works automatically.

“We are very pleased to form a strategic partnership with Spryker. We’ve noticed they’ve been getting an increased amount of attention from our prospects and current e-commerce clients. This spike of attention is the primarily reason as to why we decided to build a unified, connected integration method between Styla and Spryker, taking content commerce to the next level”, explains Lucas Schnabel, Partner Manager at Styla.

Boris Lokschin, Co-CEO of Spryker Systems, also commented: “As the retail industry enters a new era of digital commerce, companies must co-innovate to answer the increasing need for valuable content across multiple customer touchpoints. Using our “Spryker Commerce OS” companies can focus on executing and innovating the end-customer facing App-level providing desktop, mobile, embedded, voice and bot based user experiences with no effort. This is why we’re working with Styla to ensure that our own clients would see the highest ROIs from their content marketing efforts.”

Styla’s and Spryker’s partnership team is co-located in Berlin, Germany, to enable close co-operation and continuous support.

About Styla:

Founded by Philipp Rogge and Franz Riedl in 2012, Styla is a content commerce suite that automatically designs content and makes it shoppable, inspiring customers to buy more. Styla’s automation technology is creating the design itself and ensures that the content looks attractive on all devices. A seamless integration with all common e-commerce systems allows an easy embedding of products and creates a whole new world of shoppable inspiration. Brands and e-commerce stores, such as Christ, Foot Locker, Mavi Jeans, SportScheck, OBI, engelhorn or PKZ, are already relying on Styla.

About Spryker:

Spryker Systems is the innovator behind the unique commerce operating system called “Spryker commerce OS”. This commerce operating system allows companies to now reach customers through every conceivable digital touch point. In response to continuous changes in user expectations and new perceptions of what is perceived as a frontend, “Spryker Commerce OS” helps businesses implement new user interfaces (Apps) at speed. These interfaces encompass applications such as desktop shops, mobile apps, IoT scenarios, chatbot and voice integrations. Subsequently, opening new sources of revenue without long lead times. The Spryker Systems team is based in Berlin and Hamburg. Find out more at https://spryker.com and on Twitter: @sprysys.