November 22, 2017

CLEOR uses Styla to increase customer engagement online

Paris, November 22, 2017 – CLEOR, the leading French jewelry retailer, collaborates with Styla, the next generation CMS, to implement a new content commerce strategy and further inspire current customers.

Since the beginning CLEOR has combined trends, know-how and competitive prices with a simple vision: “Fashion & Value”. With that innovative concept and a warm atmosphere, they have become the jeweler that fulfils customers’ desires. It led CLEOR to the decision of trying a completely new approach to their online presence, combining content marketing and e-commerce efforts.

“Our goal has always been to inspire and ignite desire, but also to make fashion accessories accessible to all. Styla gives us the opportunity to turn classic content marketing into an inspiring customer journey. We’ve seen results immediately, especially in our users’ engagement – the time spent on a single content page is significantly longer, usually by several minutes. Our readers’ favourite stories, like the “Swarovski ou l’art de briller de mille feux” has an average session duration of almost 5 minutes! It’s really impressive,” says Alain Cheung, Head of E-commerce at CLEOR.

Styla’s next generation CMS not only supports CLEOR’s marketers in creating inspiring visual content, but also lets clients buy jewelry right away. “CLEOR’s innovative approach to arise customer desire goes perfectly with Styla’s vision of content commerce. The inspiration and sales strategy should work together with a common goal to attract and engage users on every step of the brand journey. We are happy CLEOR trusted in Styla on that journey,” adds Philipp Rogge, CEO at Styla.


About Styla:

Founded by Philipp Rogge and Franz Riedl in 2012, Styla is the next generation CMS that automatically designs content and makes it shoppable, inspiring customers to buy more.

Styla’s automation technology creates the design itself and ensures that content looks attractive on all devices. A seamless integration with all common e-commerce systems allows an easy embedding of products and creates a whole new world of shoppable inspiration. Brands and e-commerce stores, such as Christ, Foot Locker, Mavi Jeans, SportScheck, OBI, engelhorn and PKZ, are already relying on Styla.


About CLEOR:

Founded in 1997, CLEOR is a leading French jewelry retailer with an original concept: making jewelry a fashion accessory and making it accessible to all. The company has over 140 stores in malls throughout France as well as their extensive online store.