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PUBLIC IMAGES, founded in 1990, is a communications agency specializing in public relations, content creation and cross-media PR. The PUBLIC IMAGES GmbH consists of 3 departments that comprehensively map all digital communication fields and storytelling in addition to classic and online PR. The module is responsible for the Influencer Marketing and the WEBAZINE of the same name.

“THE SUPERDESK” is our editor’s office with a professional contributor pool for content creation, content management and content strategy. With all PUBLIC IMAGES GmbH service modules in terms of text, image and video, the entire media market is reached, from social media channels to blogs and online magazines, all the way to classic print media. PUBLIC IMAGES focuses on brands from the fashion and lifestyle sectors, national and international. The agency is located in the immediate catchment area of Dusseldorf, one of the leading fashion locations in Europe.

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