Magazine Layout 2.0

funded by ERDF and the state of Berlin

Project number: 10159398 ProFIT


Project content

With the support of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Styla is moving its product to the next level. The “Magazine Layout 2.0” project focuses on revolutionary design possibilities and lays the foundations for the future-oriented evolution of Styla to a fully automated content-commerce solution.

Today, Styla already shows the broad possibilities of content marketing – especially and especially in e-commerce. Brands, on-line shops and companies need a new approach to remain relevant to your customers in the age of all-encompassing digitization and overinformation. An approach that automates and accelerates the necessary processes in the area of ​​content creation and storytelling, while the integration of e-commerce applications seamlessly integrates a fascinating shop experience for the customer. The solution is simple: users of the cloud-based Styla technology load content high during the Styla algorithm automatically the design of collages, product spreads and editorial contributions in an aesthetically appealing magazine format adapted to customer requirements.


project goal

Stylas’ goal is to completely automate the content creation as well as the required design use. This way, more time can be invested in tracking down truly valuable content and being so much closer to the target group. In the SaaS solution, impressive collages and product spreads are designed automatically, without the help of a designer, thanks to a patent-pending layout algorithm, without the help of a designer, and presented in the corporate identity of the customers. The link between Styla and the existing e-commerce system allows seamless shopping directly from the magazine. This means that high-quality content can be created within a very short time and the KPIs can be significantly increased.

In order to achieve this goal, selected aspects of the automatic recording of image quality are investigated within the framework of the IBB ProFIT project “Magazine Layout 2.0”. These research results will refine and complement the development of a fully automated Styla technology so that all the nuances of a typically manual design process can be modeled and replaced. In addition, content will be brought into an even more harmonious design rhythm so that the Styla technology can, for example, map text to images so that it appears dark on a light background.

In addition, Styla is passionate about eliminating manual adjustments that may arise during the implementation of Stylas software on the customer’s website. This ensures an aesthetic and uniform appearance of the magazine in the sense of the corporate identity of the respective customer.


expected results

The new functions increase the potential of the system and represent a considerable relief for the companies that work with our system. Through automated and simplified processes, organizations can better engage with their target audience and enhance their content marketing activities into engagement-driven and conversational-increasing masterpieces without resorting to additional resources for design. This results in massive cost and time savings on the part of the companies. (This increases Styla’s customer loyalty and facilitates the acquisition of new customers.)


Financing of the project and funds

The project is financed mainly by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and is supervised and assessed by Investitionsbank Berlin. We would like to thank the European Union and the State of Berlin for their support.