How Articles & Videos Are Made Shoppable [INDUSTRY REPORT]

shoppable content report (Styla & Smartzer)

Over the last few years, content has become a new buzzword in the marketing world. Companies are spending LOTS of time and LOTS money on it, trying their best to differentiate themselves from the competition and offer something unique to their audience — something that at the end of the day, will convert and turn readers into loyal customers.

Content marketing trends, however, are constantly changing. 

So now, there’s a new buzzword in the content world, and it’s called shoppable content.

Last year, social media giants like Pinterest and Instagram hit it big by making their content shoppable. Facebook and Youtube — and even Snapchat — are following the trend, trying to find the perfect e-commerce solution that would enable all of us to shop right here, right now.

But why is shoppable content such a big deal for your customers?

To answer this question, imagine the following situation:

You’re an online retail brand that sells fashion items. You run a blog. You publish a blog post called “5 hottest fashion items you MUST include in your summer wardrobe”. You list those items. Your readers love them all. And then they go to Amazon to buy them there.


This is when the ability to shop directly from a piece of content — be it an article, or a video, or a photo — would immensely benefit your brand.

So in light of this, I’m particularly excited to announce that we just published a report on shoppable content — the first ever in the content commerce industry!

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Defining Shoppable Content (report by Styla and Smartzer)

About the report:

E-commerce is the fastest growing market out there, having recently reached $1.6 trillion in size. And while this is a truly positive fact for every online retailer out there, the rapid growth of the industry becomes a struggling point when you realise how many other retailers you have to compete with. Oftentimes, traditional content marketing just doesn’t cut it anymore.

This is when shoppable technology steps in.

In this report, Defining Shoppable Content: How Shoppable Articles and Interactive Videos Turn Content Consumers into Actual Buyers, you’ll be able to find out:

— What is shoppable content and how is it different from traditional content marketing

— How shoppable articles and interactive videos really work

— And finally, what are the real ROIs of shoppable content

To write this report, we teamed up with Smartzer, a London-based company that makes shoppable videos a reality, and touched upon some case points from Net-A-Porter, Graziashop, Marks & Spencer and other brands that have embraced shoppable technology.

Sounds good? Then get the report HERE.

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Ula Lachowicz has been in the tech industry for a decade, taking care of marketing and communication for SaaS and B2B products. At Styla, she is leading the marketing team. A strategic mind, she is a true visionaire of our content commerce solution and is happy to see how it changes the way brands talk.