Leveraging content in the age of personalization

In today’s super competitive eCommerce environment, marketers have come to learn that optimizing for how the ‘average visitor’ is going to interact with their site is no longer a viable strategy. With so many different types of segments and users, each with their own distinct preferences, brands need to run experiments targeting high-value groups if they want to drive higher conversion rates and average order value AOV.

However, upon trading in a one-to-many for a one-to-one approach, many are met with the harsh realization that successful personalization requires a significant investment in content creation. As the number of segments increases, so too does the number of experiences needed to meet their unique needs – which can consist of multiple variations across channels.

The impact on a testing roadmap might look something like this:

From inception to design, development, QA, and deployment, launching campaigns of this magnitude can take weeks to get off the ground and often must consistently be iterated upon to ensure relevancy over time. The content cadence as brands know it, therefore, must evolve to more closely reflect and support a growing personalization program.

But how much content is really necessary to move the needle?

While concerns of scaling creation are a very real fear for brands moving from generic messaging to more tailored interactions, there are many ways to overcome content scarcity and accelerate experience delivery.

We’ll be covering all of these strategies and techniques in Styla x Dynamic Yield’s highly anticipated webinar event, “Why Your Content Cadence Needs to Evolve with Your Personalization Strategy” on Wednesday, May 29th at 3 PM BST. Whether you’re getting started with personalization for the first time or are interested in maximizing your efforts, I hope you’ll join us.

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James uses his Commerce industry knowledge to develop engagement strategies for leading eCommerce companies to build out Dynamic Yield’s partner ecosystem. He is passionate about expanding the reach of best in class SaaS omnichannel personalisation solutions into new and existing industry sectors.