How To Sell Through Storytelling [SLIDESHARE]

How to sell through storytelling

Storytelling. It’s the word that content marketers, sales executives and business people hear on every corner, all the time, wherever they go.  And it makes sense. Since the early ages, people have been connecting with each other through emotional stories, and later on, the concept of storytelling was adapted into the world of commerce and entrepreneurship. As Margaret Atwood, the brilliant Canadian author, wisely explained:

If you try to think about the reason why certain famous brands are famous, and some successful projects are so successful, the answer often lies in how captivating the personal stories behind them are. Let’s take Saddleback Leather Co., for example — an American leather goods retailer which started with a bullfighting fiasco in Mexico (heh?), only to turn into one of the best-quality, innovation-driven retail brands out there. A backpack from Saddleback will cost you around $600 on average, which is anything but cheap. So what’s the reason people keep buying their products? Clearly, this isn’t because of their super cute Instagram account?

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The answer lies in another example — namely, in an e-commerce company called Significant Objects. Offering loads of things that (let’s be honest) can be qualified as “junk”, somehow the brand manages to sell useless ashtrays, broken statues, etc. 20x or even 30x times higher their original price. How?

Storytelling. That word you keep hearing wherever you go.

In the gigantic world of e-commerce, storytelling is used as a selling technique that differentiates businesses from each other and enhances products with extra value. The value that triggers people’s emotions and that somehow, inexplicably, makes things resonate with us humans.

To learn how to sell through storytelling, check out this presentation:

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