Webinar Series: Future of Shopping

Webinar Series: Future of Shopping

Many retailers have had to revisit and adjust their 2020 ecommerce strategies to prepare for an uncertain road ahead. We’ve teamed up with 6 of the top experts in ecommerce to bring you a video series about the future of shopping that helps ecommerce retailers update their strategies based on the latest retail data, insights and innovations: From voice search over headless to experience-driven commerce and more.


Subscribe to our 7-week, on-demand webinar series to hear the latest trends from leading experts across the ecommerce industry. Access a new video every Thursday beginning June 4th.


In this webinar series “Future of Shopping”, you get

  • Actionable tips for providing an outstanding shopping experience 
  • Facts & statistics that every online retailer should know 
  • Best practice examples from leading brands & retailers that serve as inspiration



4th of June: Human + Technology: Leveraging Behavioral Data and Testing to Optimize the Ecommerce Experience, by Nosto

11th of June: Headless eCommerce and mobile first approach: Start today and be one step ahead, by divante

18th of June: How Voice Search is Transforming E-Commerce, by FINDOLOGIC

25th of June: Last Mile Innovation – what really counts on the last mile, by SEVEN SENDERS

2nd of July: Experience-driven commerce: boosting sales by providing content experiences from discovery to purchase, by STYLA

9th of of July: Culture eats Technology for Breakfast, or what the future of retail really is, by Spryker

16th of July: Five steps to increase your checkout conversion, by adyen



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