Content Marketing In E-Commerce [FREE GUIDE]

Content marketing in e-commerce: beginner's guide

Content marketing has been proven, time and time again, to be a necessity in today’s e-commerce landscape. In fact, content marketing results in 55% higher website traffic and 97% more inbound links, while expert content can lift purchase consideration up to 83%.

Not bad, right?

But the thing is, the benefits of content marketing can be enjoyed only if you’re smart about your strategy. And more often than not, when it comes to developing a content marketing strategy, the main challenge for most e-commerce professionals is not knowing where to start.

How exactly does content marketing work in e-commerce? And what does it take to make it work?

To answer these questions (and many more), Styla wrote a step-by-step beginner’s guide, Content Marketing In E-Commerce.

This free e-book is illustrated with examples from various e-tail brands that know how to use content marketing well to their advantage. On top of that, you will also find out:

  • What content marketing is all about
  • What are smart goals and how to set them
  • How to define a content persona
  • How to choose the right content (discussing content types, forms and topics)
  • How to plan, produce and distribute quality content
  • And finally, how to re-purpose old content and give it a second chance

In addition, we will provide you with a free persona template, content marketing KPI list, and a list of useful tools — everything you might need to begin your journey!

So, ready to be better at content marketing in e-commerce?

Download your free copy HERE

The Beginner's Guide To Content Marketing In E-Commerce

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Ula Lachowicz has been in the tech industry for a decade, taking care of marketing and communication for SaaS and B2B products. At Styla, she is leading the marketing team. A strategic mind, she is a true visionaire of our content commerce solution and is happy to see how it changes the way brands talk.