About Styla

Styla is a SaaS company that uses design automation to design content and enables anyone to shop from it. We work with some of the world's leading companies in the electronics, fashion, sports, and interior design segments.

Our story

Founded by Philipp Rogge and Franz Riedl in 2012, Styla is the provider of the content experience engine. This technology automatically designs visually impressive content and websites while making embedded products directly shoppable. This way, Styla creates immersive and engaging customer experiences across all websites and devices and increases their clients' engagement-metrics considerably.

Our Management Team

Phillip Rogge
Chief Executive Officer
Franz Riedl
Chief Operating Officer
Alexander Kong
Chief Technology Officer
Marzena Czyzewski
Chief Consulting Officer
Daniel Kurrasch
Vice President Sales
Join us
Styla operates from Europe and the US, supporting brands and retailers on their journey to creating immersive digital experiences.